Rethinking What Evolution Means

book rethinking evolutionIn this rethinking of evolution I take, as my experimental subject, myself and other humans with conscious selves. What does our nature say about the processes through which we evolved? As pulling on a loose thread can turn a comfortable garment into mere threads, by pursuing this question I reveal Darwinism to be a disconnected and ultimately meaningless jumble of barren doctrines. I'm no creationism, I pursue logic as reverently as any scientists, except I pursue my study through the methods of the humanities, the methods of science having clearly led us astray. The result is an entirely novel trail of ideas. Crackpot? Perhaps. But how, except by novel means, can 150 years of citadel-building be undermined? My undermining begins with me setting up three worlds, then I ask, in which of them could we have evolved?

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