I launched this site 12 years ago to help the humanities inject meaning into our new origin story—that we evolved. Why did I think the humanities should be concerned? Because an overriding complaint today is the absence of meaning in modern life. For that we look to the humanities, not the sciences.

Through the writing of over 100 articles for the site since, I've narrowed my focus down to two issues.

  • First, the humanities’ main concern must be not just with evolution itself but with the evolution of consciousness. Keywords are both “evolution” and “consciousness.” We must equip ourselves to define both, and how they relate.
  • Second, if we are to define consciousness in terms of evolution, do we have concepts up to the task? If not, how could we come up with the concepts we need?

Problem: how can we identify the concepts we need but haven’t yet come up with? I propose to identify ways our current definitions of consciousness and evolution fail us, and make up something to fill the gap. My solutions aren’t likely to be scientifically valid but they might encourage progress in coming up with better candidates.

Want to play this game? I’ve already developed two resources, available at Amazon, to help you.