Evolution, neo-Darwinism and the paradigm of science
By Edward Goldsmith

Published in The Ecologist Vol. 20 No. 2, March–April 1990. Read the article at www.edwardgoldsmith.org/890/evolution-ne...paradigm-of-science/

Neo-Darwinism does not provide a satisfactory explanation for evolution and, however resilient it may prove to criticism, it must eventually give way to a more realistic theory. This can only occur if we abandon the reductionistic and mechanistic ‘paradigm of science’, which neo-Darwinism so faithfully reflects.

Extract: "Yet, although the deficiencies of neo-Darwinism have become increasingly apparent in recent years, and criticism has mounted on almost every front, it remains the official scientific explanation for evolution.

"There appear to be two reasons for its continued dominance. The first is that it is the only theory of evolution that is, or appears to be fully consistent with the ‘paradigm of science’. The second is that the critics have not yet provided a coherent alternative to neo-Darwinism but have rather sought to modify it in different ways so that it might incorporate their various criticisms."


#1 tom 2012-09-27 04:15
this is outdated, u forgot genetic drift, gene flow, and genetic draft, HGT etc etc. stop banging on about mutation that is 50 year ago.

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