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Anti-darwinists are not usually anti-Darwin, Charles Darwin himself being a very likeable gentleman. I'm actually part of the scientific opposition to Darwin, and what he stands for. I feel entitled--I am British, the same age as Darwin was when his thinking finally matured (73). And I have a long beard like his. I feel entitled to judge.

More accurately, I am part of the opposition to Darwin's theory of natural selection. Darwin was an early apostle of Positivism, and gave physicalism its ultimate justification--if we could be created entirely through physical processes acting on brute matter, such as natural selection, then what could not be possible in a universe running on physicalist principles. Largely because of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, science is today still predominantly Positivist.

You may wonder what it's like to be shunned for being anti-darwinist. It's halfway between being set alone in middle of a desert, and in a blender with the on button jammed on. Not that I'm complaining. I accept that anti-darwinism seems to be part of my personality. From being an ardent admirer of Darwin I've become just as vehement an apostle of anti-darwinism.