Book review popularity

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the-selfish-gene-by-richard-dawkins 134

the-music-of-life-by-denis-noble 112

the-biologist-s-mistress-victoria-alexander 35

mind-and-nature-gregory-bateson 33

the-genetical-theory-of-natural-selection-by-ronald-a-fisher 27

evolution-a-view-from-the-21st-century-shapiro 24

zoonomia-by-erasmus-darwin 24

natural-theology-by-william-paley 19

evolution-and-the-humanities-david-holbrook 18

the-evolution-of-everything-by-matt-ridley 17

evolutionaries-by-carter-phipps 15

the-master-and-his-emissary-by-iain-mcgilchrist 15

holism-in-evolution-peter-corning-robert-reid 10

creating-consilience-slingerland-collard-review 9

life-and-habit-by-samuel-butler 9

review-origin-of-species-6th-edition 9

human-nature-by-james-trefil-review 7

pigliucci-muller-evolution-extended-synthesis 6

evolution-as-a-religion-midgley 6

consciousness-and-the-social-brain-michael-s-a-graziano 6

being-and-time-martin-heidegger 6

the-meaning-of-science-by-tim-lewens 6

vestiges-of-the-natural-history-of-creation 4

evolution-in-four-dimensions-review 3

mind-and-cosmos-by-thomas-nagel 3

consilience-by-edward-o-wilson 3

george-combe-constitution-of-man 3

suzan-mazur-the-alternberg-16 1

susan-blackmore-zen-and-the-art-of-consciousness 1