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Below are traffic data from Google Analytics, totals of visits to the site's book reviews over the past year. Top, Richard Dawkins' "The Selfish Gene," then Denis Noble's "The Music of Life" and James A. Shapiro "Evolution: a View from the 21st century." Of our classic texts: top, Ronald Fisher's "The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection," then Erasmus Darwin's "Zoonomia" and Paley's "Natural Theology." Local author Victoria Alexander's "The Biologists' Mistress" ranked high, also Gregory Bateson's "Mind and nature" that appeared in two different sections of the site.


the-selfish-gene-by-richard-dawkins 134

the-music-of-life-by-denis-noble 112

the-biologist-s-mistress-victoria-alexander 35

mind-and-nature-gregory-bateson 33

the-genetical-theory-of-natural-selection-by-ronald-a-fisher 27

evolution-a-view-from-the-21st-century-shapiro 24

zoonomia-by-erasmus-darwin 24

natural-theology-by-william-paley 19

evolution-and-the-humanities-david-holbrook 18

the-evolution-of-everything-by-matt-ridley 17

evolutionaries-by-carter-phipps 15

the-master-and-his-emissary-by-iain-mcgilchrist 15

holism-in-evolution-peter-corning-robert-reid 10

creating-consilience-slingerland-collard-review 9

life-and-habit-by-samuel-butler 9

review-origin-of-species-6th-edition 9

human-nature-by-james-trefil-review 7

pigliucci-muller-evolution-extended-synthesis 6

evolution-as-a-religion-midgley 6

consciousness-and-the-social-brain-michael-s-a-graziano 6

being-and-time-martin-heidegger 6

the-meaning-of-science-by-tim-lewens 6

vestiges-of-the-natural-history-of-creation 4

evolution-in-four-dimensions-review 3

mind-and-cosmos-by-thomas-nagel 3

consilience-by-edward-o-wilson 3

george-combe-constitution-of-man 3

suzan-mazur-the-alternberg-16 1

susan-blackmore-zen-and-the-art-of-consciousness 1


#2 Publisher 2017-11-19 21:09
I wish I knew of some. At many of the world's top evolutionists say they've abandoned Darwinism, but not where they're heading instead. There's no discussion, just bios of these experts.

Let me know if you find a site with discussion of this topic, I'd like to know.
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