What to account for

What must a theory of evolution account for? Mulling over that I had a brief attack of vertigo. What are living creatures? Dizzyingly complex somethings, of which I know next to nothing. Yet that I must know before I can say how they evolve. Bodies are structured increasingly precisely down the the nano scale. They routinely grow from single cells to trillions of cells in tissues precisely structured over distances of up to dozens of feet. The matter in those tissues is turned over several times a year even as those tissues continue to function, without impairment of that function. Living creatures can manifest volition, can become conscious, and express their conscious thoughts in their behaviors. Can these various capabilities be imagined evolving separately, or should they all be accountable for in terms of a single process? Darwin's example won't help us here, he was concerned only with the origin of species. We are condemned by how much more we know to tackle much more daunting questions. So many centuries of study will it take even to begin to understand life that I feel like no more than a tiny ant questioning the origin of the solar system.

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