"Evolutionaries" by Carter Phipps. Review

On reading “The Phenomenon of Man” I anticipated it dividing concern with evolution into two streams. One, to which I subscribe, would resist its siren song and continue to be about redefining human nature on the basis of discoveries about evolution. The other, inspired by "The Phenomenon..." would be about redefining evolution on the basis of pre-existing convictions about human nature. Sure enough, that second stream has developed into an "evolutionary" movement, as Phipps describes it in this book. And at the heart of this movement is a community of writers associated with the magazine EnlightenNext (formerly What is Enlightenment?) that Phipps served for over a decade as executive editor.

Phipps defines the community’s quest as the convergence of interest in “The Phenomenon of Man”with the spiritual wisdom of Sri Aurobindo. Member of this community take evolution to mean any sort of thing changing, without reference to whether the cause has anything to do with biological evolution. More...

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